Schlemiel! Schlemazel!

This week we started our yard sailing in Riverside RI.  There was a “Multifamily” sale that started at 7:00.  I picked up my yard sale buddy, Cousin Julie (aka Pricey) and we headed over.  This yardsale was a disappointment.  There were a ton of signs, and it was easy to find, but it was not a multifamily.  It wasn’t even a multi table!! They probably had more signs up than items.

That was the only local sale that started at 7:00, and since we had time before the others, we headed over to an Estate Sale to sign in.  Estate sales are fierce.  This estate sale had run last weekend, so this week was the “Fill the bag for $3”  so they could clear out the house.  There was a sign up sheet out front, so we signed in.

Signin sheet.pngI was #5 on the list.  I signed in a “Lady Glitter Sparkles Seriously”.  (I have been using this name lately as an homage to the movie “Trolls”, a film on heavy rotation in my family. If you have a 2 year old, you know where I am coming from.)

From there, we left to hit some other local yard sales.  We hit 2 yard sales, found some items, and then returned to the estate sale.  The estate sale lets 25 people in at a time, and we were in the first group to be let in.  The place was pretty picked over since it was the second week.  The person who owned the home was really into photography, and even had a dark room in the basement.  I grabbed 3 dark room timers for $6 and headed out.

Screen Shot 2017-04-30 at 9.36.34 AM

These are pretty cool vintage items.  The hands and numbers on the black ones are glow in the dark.  Photography items usually sell quick for me, and although I have never flipped these before, for $6, I couldn’t go wrong.

The last yard sale we went to was at a home right on the water in Barrington.  The house had to be a million dollar home.  (Barrington is one of the wealthiest communities in Rhode Island, hence a place I do most of my yard sale hunting)

There were a bunch of items, more modern stuff.  In the corner of the yard, there was a display of old flat top beer cans.  Next to the display was a huge box of more beer cans.  I would estimate over 100 flat top beer cans.  Now, I am not into beer cans, and usually I don’t buy a big box of items I don’t know if I can flip, but the price was $4.  Again, at that price I can’t resist.  There are some beer cans that sell for hundreds on eBay, and I figured if I couldn’t sell them, I could turn them in the for $.05 deposit in Massachusetts.


When I bought the cans, I handed $4 to the woman running the yard sale. She yelled out Schlemiel! Her daughter said “Mom, did you just make up a word”  and she  said to her daughter, It is a real word, it means clumsy.

I said, “I remember that was in the opening to Lavern & Shirley, and then I sang the opening to a show I watched probably as much as my two year old watches Trolls.

Schlemiel! Schlemazel! Hasenpfeffer Incorporated! We’re gonna do it!”

I never knew what those words meant.  And I don’t know if the woman was calling me a “Schlemiel” but when I looked it up, this is what it says.

Schlemiel: n, an unlucky burglar; chump; clumsy person (Yiddish)

Schlemazel: n, a very unlucky or inept person who fails at everything (Yiddish)

I hope I am not any unlucky burglar, because I did get those flat top beer cans at a steal!


Let the season begin!


209 yard sales scheduled for Saturday morning!!! All these yard sales are within a 20 mile radius.

Unfortunately, I still have to get to work tomorrow.  I open my store Warren Exchange at 10:00 a.m. on Saturdays….but during yard sale season it tends to open a little late.  My customers usually don’t mind…..they are out yard sailing too.

I am going to try to hit a multi family in East Providence for 7:00 a.m. and then a few in Barrington on my way to Warren

I map out the ones I will hit on Yard Sale Treasure Map App. It works for both android and iPhones, and gathers all the advertised yard sales and maps and links them for you.  I recommend the app for anyone who enjoys yard sailing.  

Of course when you see a unadvertised yard sale sign on your travels ALWAYS stop.  If a yard sale is not advertised on Craigslist or the local classifieds it is almost always excellent.  Less competition is always good.

Happy Sailing ⛵️

Chelsea Flea Market Episode 1

Welcome to Episode 1 of Yod Sale

This weekend we visited  the Chelsea Flea!

This isn’t how I pictured the first episode going.  Of course I pictured doing quick interviews, finding cool stuff, and giving a few tips…..but my daughter had other plans.

Please enjoy, like and subscribe over at youtube 🙂


We spent this weekend in New York.  While we were there we visited the Chelsea Flea Market on West 25th street. There were a few forces going against us.  It was Earth Day, so many of the streets in the surrounding area were closed for an Earth Day celebration and a road race.  It was also raining, but the biggest force to be reckoned with was my 2.5 year old daughter Sidney.

Chelsea Flea is and outdoor market, in the shadows of a cathedral. The admission is $1. The vendors range from antiques, jewelry, smalls, books, music and clothing.
Unfortunately, by the time we got there, the rain had begun….And my daughter wanted to shall we say “stretch her legs”
I did see some interesting items, and I will be posting a video as soon as it is edited.

Heeeeeerrre we goooooooo!

I’ve been yard sailing for years, or shall I say “yod sailin for yeahs.”

Born and raised in the Biggest Little state in the USA, Rhode Island, and I have come across some interesting things and people in my travels.

I enjoy the hunt, I enjoy the people, I enjoy the money.

I hope you will find this site interesting and visit me often.