Rain Rain GO AWAY!!!


My face when I see the weather report for this weekend 😦

Looks like heavy rain Friday and more rain Saturday morning.  I usually start planning my yard sales on Friday night, but this weather is going to put a damper that.

I might be able to catch some estate sales since those are indoors.

This break will give me a little time to prepare for the Seekonk Flea market for Sunday. Usually, this time of year I do the Brimfield Antique show, but the guy who I split my space with backed out, so I will still attend but not set up. I am going to do one day, Sunday selling at the flea market instead.

It is hard to do the show myself.  I usually set up Thursday and sell in J & J Field on Friday and Saturday.  Because the set up is left up, someone needs to sleep in the field to protect from theft.  That someone would be the guy I usually set up with, but since he isn’t doing it this year, and I don’t want to sleep in the field so I will be skipping it as a vendor.

I did think about doing it, but I checked the weather for Brimfield and it is RAIN ALL WEEK! Brimfield is an outdoor The fields will be a mess, hard to set up, and turn out might be down.  With all these factors, I decided to skip selling and just go to buy.




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