You got that where???

This blog is dedicated to yard sales (yod sales if you are from around hea, where we don’t pronounce the ah (r)). I am obesessed with flea markets, swap meets, thrift shops and the like, but some of the greatest things I get are FROM THE TRASH!!!

Check out this egg orb seat, complete with audio inputs.  I bought this from one of my favorite pickers…Jeff (his line is “free is my middle name…Jeffrey).  Jeff picks trash, and makes a killing at it.  In the next few weeks I am going to go out with him to film for my YouTube channel, I can’t wait.

(As much as I wanted this for myself, I couldn’t keep it 😢. That is the hardest thing about this business, you can’t keep all the awesome things that pass through your hands.  I did keep it in the family though, my brother bought it.)

As for this week, I will be filming out in Brimfield, the largest antique show / flea market in North America.

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