Art Festival & 1 Yard Sale

This week, once again, I was planning on filming some trash picking.  Unfortunately, once again it didn’t happen.

On Saturday, cousin Julie was busy with the Young Marines.  Since she wasn’t going sailing, I decided to skip sailing and bring my girls to work.  I wasn’t planning on going to any yard sales, but I got a call from my sister who said there was a yard sale on her street.  Her daughter, Carolyn, has been excited about the youtube channel and asked me to come over with my camera.  So I had to stop there on my way to the shop.

On Sunday we went to the Barrington Arts Festival.  There were a bunch of vendors, some I recognized from the Providence Flea Market.  We brought our other niece, Angie, who also is youtuber.  Something Funny did happen there.  I was filming, doing my walk through, and some random woman came up to me and questioned if I was “allowed” to film.  I just answered “No one has questioned me yet” and I continued on.

Half way through the fest, I let Angie take over the camera.  If you are prone to seizures, I would not recommend watching.  The footage is what you would expect from a little kid. I did enjoy listening to her narrate the footage though.

There were 3 booths I really liked.

I bought a soap with a wonder woman lego inside from LNK Design.  Check out their etsy!

There were the most incredible pocketbooks, but unfortunately I do not carry one 😦 They had pizza, donut, quahog, clutch/hand bags.  These were from Kent Stetson. There are some incredible creations, so check out his shop.

The last booth was Cait Marchetti Jewelry. Very talented young lady that does her own hand drawn enamel work. Her pendants are double sided.  from her website:

Narrative on the front and back sides.

The Potential Series for example, has an organism in an early stage of life on the back,

while on the front is the same organism if allowed to flourish and grow to its full potential.

Check out the video below.  Please subscribe, like, share, and comment.
Thanks for reading…Happy Hunting!

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