Diving into Amazon Merch!

The more I know, the more I do not know.  I find this out everyday.  I have been selling on eBay, etsy, and multiple other online forums for a while now.  I just started Amazon FBA in March, and this week I am starting Amazon Merch.  Merch is P.O.D. Print on demand.  You upload your image / design to a shirt, and when that shirt sells, you get a commission.  Here is one of my first designs that was accepted. (click on it and go right to Amazon!)

I decided on this design because I figure summer is here, and there will be a bunch of Reggae festivals going on, so I am trying to capitalize on that.  I always loved the old school 45 RPM place holder, so I thought it was a good play on the image.  Hopefully it takes off 🙂 If you are interested in buying it, just click the photo and go right to amazon.

I only started this business this week, so I will update the progress in a month to see how it goes.  If you are interested in hustling, please subscribe.  I have been living on the hustle since 2009!  I’m trying to get into more passive income as I am getting older, so follow my journey.

Happy Hunting!

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