Connecting with the past

I have tons of random stuff pass through my hands.  Some of the stuff brings memories up.  That is what I love about being in this business, you never know what you will find.

My shop is located in Rhode Island, where I was born and raised. Rhode Island has a very rich history of manufacturing, mostly Costume Jewelry.

Coro, Trifari, you name the costume jewelry company, and it is likely to have had a factory in Rhode Island.

This ring came into the shop today, as a part of a lot I bought.  I thought the design was cute, and upon further inspection I noticed it was marked “Coro” “Sterling” and “pat. Applied for”.

It is unusual to find a piece by a costume jewelry made in Sterling, but what I love most is that it is made by Coro.

My grandparents worked in the Coro factory!  I love to think that this piece could have passed through their hands 70+ years ago.  Who knows? It is a possibility!

The design is cool too, two Hearts with a chain link holding them together.

I think I am going to keep this piece 🙂

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