Sent some pumpkins :)

“What is the point?” That is what I was asked when I posted that I was sending pumpkins through the mail to one of the Facebook groups that I belong to.



My answer..”There is no point, sometimes some of the best things in life have no point”

I sent out a bunch of miniature real pumpkins to my girls’ “diblings”.  (If you are just joing us, diblings are biological siblings who share the same sperm donor)  I just put on the label and signed “Love Sid & Max”.  I love getting mail, and I love sending mail.   I figure it only cost $1 for the pumpkin and $2.77 to mail it….so you can put a smile on someone’s face for under $4.00!  I would like to think it put a smile on the faces of anyone who’s hands it passed through.

I follow my mail lady on Instagram and she posted this:


She posted the photo with the caption “As long as there is postage, we will deliver!”

Someone in the Facebook group posted that as a worker in the delivery center, she loved to see things like this come through her factory.  I noticed she was from Indiana and told her that one was sent in her direction. A few days later she posted this picture with the caption “Look what I found! In the last container of the night…. Definitely made me laugh.”


So it has been a few days, and so far 7 of the 10 made it to the final destination.  (One that is missing is the one above)  I still have hope they will make it, but we will see.

I would like to thank Uncle Dennis.  U.D. is the one who gave me the idea. He is a Marine, served in Vietnam and a retired Postal worker.  He had me send one out to the Veterans Administration in Providence to someone who he said helps him with everything.  His was a very large pumpkin, and it made it in 1 day (priority shipping).



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