Wet Cement

Strange things can spark a memory.

There has been a ton of construction in Warren, and it seems like most of it at my front door.  This week, the city decided to redo my sidewalk.

Looking at that wet cement reminded me of my childhood. I remember when my father put an addition on the house I grew up in.  In the cement he placed a penny and drew a shamrock.  Irish Pride.  But my dad is married to my Portuguese mother.  When my mom found out he put a shamrock, she was angry there was nothing to represent her heritage.  So my dad went back and added a bowl of Portuguese soup in his drawing.

I went back to that house I grew up in (now abandoned and  possibly condemned).  I couldn’t find the bowl of soup or the shamrock, but I did find the coin.  1981, it has turned green from oxidation.


I also found this with my brother sister’s names


I am sure my name was there somewhere, I just couldn’t find it.

I did find it a few streets up at my Aunt’s house.  I remember this day like yesterday!  It was in 1990, 27 years ago!  It is amazing how fast those years went.


My uncle was doing a patio in the yard and he let us all put our hand and foot prints in the wet cement.  My cousins and me and my sister put our signatures.

So when I saw the sidewalk getting poured next to my store, I couldn’t let an opportunity like this pass.

I wanted to do a coin because I am a coin shop.  One of my favorite thing to follow on instagram is accounts of hobo nickel carvers.  There are some amazing artists carving coins, and it combines 2 things I love, coins and art.  I have even commissioned one coin, a morgan Silver Dollar, from “Hobo Shane” for my shop…



My store mascot “Zippy” coin was carved in under a day.

(If you are interested in hobo nickels, check out “Roman Booteen” one of the most incredible artist I have even seen)

I figured I would be able to carve my initials pretty easily……WRONG.  Here is my attempt at carving my initials in a coin..


This is “TLH” with the “L” running through the “H”.  I probably was using the wrong tools, but I decided to put the coin in the cement.  I figured I would do “TH” as well.  It was sort of hard because there were police directing traffic and the sidewalk had caution tape all over it, so this is how it came out.


The town will be coming back in the spring to fill in the space between the sidewalk and my parking lot, so I will have another opportunity then.  In doing this, I found this website where people post things they find in cement.  Awesome Wet Cement Check it out.  I am already thinking about what to put in the cement next…a lego mini figure? If you have any suggestion, let me know.



One thought on “Wet Cement

  1. My son and his friend buried a lego mini figure in the yard a few months ago. The ground then froze and they always talk about if it is still there.


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